Essential Maintenance Tips For Metal Roofing

Essential Maintenance Tips For Metal Roofing

Essential Maintenance Tips For Metal Roofing

If you own a metal roof, one of the selling points that probably helped tip the scales in persuading you to go metal is how long lasting and low maintenance metal roofing is. Especially when compared to traditional asphalt shingle varieties.

Whilst this is definitely true, it is important to note that low maintenance doesn’t mean the same thing as maintenance free. So, if you want your metal roof to stay in good condition and to last as long as it possibly can, it is important that you perform proper maintenance on it when required.

If you’re unsure exactly how to best look after your metal roof, don’t worry. Just follow our essential maintenance tips and your roof will stay in tip top shape:

Make sure your roof is draining properly

Inspect your roof frequently to make sure that all of your gutters are free from leaves, twigs and other debris. This ensures that rainfall and snow can drain properly from your roof, stopping potentially costly issues like rust damage, leaks or ice dams before they start.

This is especially important if your home is surrounded by a lot of trees, because your roof is likely to have a lot more debris fall on it, especially during the fall.

Wash your roof

While you don’t need to worry about washing your roof every time it rains, it is important to wash your roof if you notice stains or dirt remain on your roof after a rainfall. You should also consider washing your roof after especially severe storms.

Wash your roof gently using a cloth or sponge, or low pressure sprayer and a solution of one cup detergent with less than 0.5% phosphate mixed with 5 gallons of water.

Avoid walking on your roof unless you have to

Although you may have to walk on your roof occasionally, you should avoid doing so whenever you can. Even though your metal roof will most likely be able to withstand your weight, they still weren’t designed to be surfaces that you walk on. So where possible, access your roof by using a ladder instead of walking directly on it.

Keep trees and bushes close to your roof trimmed back

Although you wouldn’t necessarily think it, if a tree’s branches are left rubbing against your roof, this can lead to problems. This is because over time, the branches rubbing against your roof can actually cause erosion, leading to damage that can be quite costly to repair.

Touch up your paint job

If you notice that the paint on your roof is wearing away over time, leaving the bare metal exposed, don’t just leave it be. This exposed metal can oxidise and rust, which can be unsightly and cause damage if left unchecked. So make sure you touch up your paint job as and when it is needed.

Follow these simple steps to make sure your metal roof stays strong and sturdy for a long, long time.